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Honda Service Connect (HSC) gives your clients unprecedented convenience and a greater sense of control and transparency. Appointment reminders are automatic, and because the appointment is written to your DMS, you’re assured of a more streamlined flow of traffic through your service department. Our development partner TimeHighway will assign a support team to help set up a customized system for your dealership.

To enroll for Honda Service Connect and start seeing results, contact Karen Dillon at TimeHighway, an AFFINITIV Company.

Karen Dillon
Direct: 239-593-4620
Cell: 239-595-0347


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I have found the service from TimeHighway’s HelpDesk to be EXCEPTIONAL! Their response to questions and system configuration is always extremely prompt and professional. We converted from another scheduling solution and I find TimeHighway’s functionality to be far superior to any program I’ve used in the past.

- Ash Mall, Service Manager, Performance Kings Honda


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